It all started with one trip. And the rest evolved into a passport-stamping adventure.


I’m Odi!

welcome to my travel diary!

This is where I’ll keep it real and share my travel experiences and stories with you. I hope they inspire you to grab that ticket and explore the world because I promise you, there is so much to see!

I want this little corner of the internet to serve as a resource for your future trips, giving you insights into various cultural experiences, hidden gems, and lessons that I’ve learned that might be helpful for your next adventure. As someone who still works a 9-5 job, I promise to keep it practical because at the end of the day, that’s the reality for most of us.

But before we get into all of that, how did I end up here?

I’ve always been financially cautious, a trait that was particularly evident during my university years, especially when it came to budgeting for winter, spring, and summer breaks. While many of my peers were booking flights to explore Asia, party in Punta Cana, or go country hopping throughout Europe, I was too scared to spend my money. I convinced myself that I still had time and that I could travel as much as I wanted to once I graduated and got my first “big girl job”. Little did I know that with a big girl job, it wasn’t as easy to just pack up my bags and hop on a flight. Or at least that’s what I thought.

I was able to squeeze in a trip to Mexico after my graduation in 2018, but right after that, I got a full-time position as an RN. Several months into the job, I realized that I was having a hard time with actually booking a trip. There was always something in the way, and in hindsight, I was definitely making excuses for myself because I just wasn’t sure of how to travel confidently. So instead, I spent my free time saving travel inspirations on social media and hoping that one day, I’d be able to make one of those Pinterest pins or Instagram bookmarks my reality.

Then, that day eventually came. August 2021.

That month, I visited Egypt and that trip opened my eyes to the world of travel opportunities that are out there. It was the trip that made me realize that there is so much to explore and experience beyond the familiar, and that stepping out of my comfort zone can lead to incredible discoveries and personal growth. 

Egypt sparked my love for travel.

Right after that trip, I promised myself to do everything I could to travel at least twice a year. Whether it was finding out ways to maximize my PTO, utilizing budget hacks, or even going solo, I was ready to do it. I was very committed to this goal, and this commitment allowed me to visit 12 countries and 21 cities since 2021. And the best part? I have remained financially responsible and maintained a budget-conscious mindset with each journey.

After learning how to leverage various resources to travel more, and building the courage to book trips even if it means going solo, I’m here to share my lessons with you, so you too can collect all the passport stamps that your heart desires.

Take it from someone who has been the person who hesitated to book flights; happiness truly comes with experiences. Yes, it’s cliché, but it’s also true. Let this blog inspire you to embrace the adventure, explore uncharted territories, and create lasting memories! 


The best hidden gem that I have ever visited is…

St. Elizabeth, Jamaica. It’s not necessarily a hidden gem, it’s just not popular for tourists. I visited with my friend because it’s her hometown, and it was one of the most authentic experiences I’ve ever had on a trip. I was able to enjoy various cultural activities in the best way.

A local dish that I have had that I can’t forget is….

Bandeja Paisa – the meal that has everything. I had this dish in Colombia and despite how much food was served, I just had to clear my plate. It was that good. I actually made an attempt to make it myself when I got back home, but it definitely wasn’t the same.

One thing that I absolutely cannot travel without is…

My portable hand fan! I live in a city where it’s cold for about 7 months of the year, so I usually only travel to warm destinations. I always have to take my hand fan with me so I can be comfortable regardless of how hot the destination is.